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At Holmes LA Law your family is our number one priority. Your family deserves a team of attorneys who value family first. Holmes LA Law is a law firm dedicated to this priority! Bobby and LaKetha Holmes created a unique law firm, teaming their partnership as a husband/wife duo and creating a dynamic opportunity to work with you and your family needs.

Marriage creates a contract — and most families choose to secure their family, money and other property by creating legal documents such as wills, trusts, marital agreements and real estate deeds. Each of these areas deserves time, attention to detail and a dedicated team of attorneys like Holmes LA Law to ensure your family law needs are met with sophistication. Family Law is an area of law that also includes divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions and many other legal interests. Call or email our office to set a consult to learn more about the benefit of working with Holmes LA Law.

Child Custody/Child Support

Your children are a precious gift. Whether you are in need of a legal plan to protect your interests — or working to modify an existing custody plan — our family law attorneys are here to help you navigate this path. Child support can be addressed by the court by itself or in combination with a petition for custody. Whatever your needs — whether to establish an order or support, increase a support obligation or decrease an obligation — our team is well versed in this special area.

Ex Parte Custody Order

What is this? In Louisiana, a court can consider whether you have an emergency issue existing as it relates to custody for a minor child. Often times, parents/guardians seek counsel to consider and determine if specific facts lay a foundation that would ask the court to issue an emergency change in a custody order. If you are interested in seeking this type of relief, contact Holmes LA Law.

Divorce and Community Property Partition

The termination of a marital union is not only an emotionally challenging process, but also a physical split between two people and their possessions accumulated during a marriage. This process can be complex and complicated. Trust the experienced legal team of Holmes LA Law to protect you during these important matters.

Spousal Support

Support is determined by a level of need under Louisiana Law. Do you fall within this definition? When the termination of a union begins, most clients do not consider the change in their income levels. Spousal support can be based upon a basic need proven to the court. Support can be assessed either on an interim or final basis. Consult with our office to determine if this is an area that we can assist you with.


Let our trained attorneys assist you in beginning a forever family! Adoptions can be accomplished in many ways, whether through a Private Adoption, an Intra-Family Adoption, or otherwise with the Department of Children and Family Services. Holmes LA Law has worked on several adoptions and is versed in the complexity of this legal area.

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With offices in Lake Charles and DeRidder, Louisiana, our family law attorneys can support you and your children if your family is facing a change and you need legal help. Please contact us for a consultation to discuss your case. We look forward to working with you.


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