Juvenile Defense

Has your son or daughter been contacted by the Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) or Juvenile Probation? Do you need help to determine if your child needs legal counsel?

If so, you may be wondering how to navigate the legal system with your minor child. Let our team of experienced attorneys at HOLMES LA LAW, LLC. help your family to choose the best outcome and measures for your child during this period.

What are some of the reasons for Juvenile court to become involved?

The most common occurrences of juvenile involvement with the legal system occur due to:

  1. Truancy complaints
  2. Ungovernable behavior
  3. Failure to comply with parental authority
  4. Runaway
  5. Cyberbullying

The Louisiana Childrens Code is a set of rules specially detailing the rules and procedures for working with children involved in the juvenile court system.

How is juvenile defense different from choosing a criminal attorney?

Good question!

While a juvenile delinquent proceeding is considered a criminal proceeding, and will follow closely the rules in. criminal court--the juvenile delinquent proceedings are special and carry some unique differences due to the age of your child. Choose a law firm and a team of attorneys with dedicated experience in not only juvenile delinquent, FINS and CINC proceedings to ensure the correct legal analysis for your case.

HOLMES LA LAW, LLC. has an extensive background in not only serving as children rights advocates, but also in specializing in juvenile delinquent proceedings, including child in need of care (CINC) and FINS (Families In Need of Services).


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