That’s right! A final sole location for the law firm is now situated at 1800 Ryan Street, Suite 107. In the heart of downtown Lake Charles, we are proud to host a central location for clients all over Southwest Louisiana. To schedule an appoint… Read More
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October 3, 2019-Anti-bullying and Mean Girls Day

October 3, 2019 marks what is know as “National Mean Girls” day. I know! I am happy/sad….a mix of emotions at the thought that our society has deemed an entire day appropriate enough to be named “mean girls day”. For tho… Read More
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What Should You Do When Stopped for DUI???

Have you been out on the town and had a few drinks? Did you get in your vehicle and attempt to drive home? Police officers all over the country are on the roads looking for persons operating vehicles while intoxicated. Below are several things you sh… Read More
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“Words cannot express my gratefulness to Holmes LA Law. Thank you for believing in my grandson.”
– Past Client

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