New and Exciting Happenings at Holmes LA Law, LLC.

All good things must come to an end…and thus, the end of our legacy and wonderful journey at: 112 N. Stewart Street.  We are excited to announce that our “new digs” are just as sweet and plush though and we can’t wait to see… Read More
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What Should You Do When Stopped for DUI???

Have you been out on the town and had a few drinks? Did you get in your vehicle and attempt to drive home? Police officers all over the country are on the roads looking for persons operating vehicles while intoxicated. Below are several things you sh… Read More
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Social Media and Family Court: The Pitfalls and the Advantages

What was Mark Zuckerburg thinking? Yep — I blame him. As a Gen-Xer I can say that the age of Internet is still fairly new and frankly… I did not have the luxury of joining Facebook during the dawn of the social media craze. Thanks to Facebook… Read More
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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Estate Attorney

Top reasons to hire an estate attorney include complications with previous marriages, divorce or blended families; you, your spouse, or children have international citizenship; you own or have an interest in property in another state; your assets exc… Read More
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“Words cannot express my gratefulness to Holmes LA Law. Thank you for believing in my grandson. ”
– Past Client

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