October 3, 2019-Anti-bullying and Mean Girls Day

October 3, 2019 marks what is know as "National Mean Girls" day. I know! I am happy/sad....a mix of emotions at the thought that our society has deemed an entire day appropriate enough to be named "mean girls day". For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase or even the movie title, let me clue you in.

Thanks to Tina Fey (sigh and gasp--applause for her genius)--the movie became a cult classic quickly. Mean Girls, the movie released in 2004 catapulted into cultural infamy due to its snappy one liners; snide remarks and the ever so popular "plastics". Most importantly, the movie marked an important shift in discussions on school bullying and cast a light on teenage problems so often overlooked.

Teen bullying continues to be a center issue for many children and youth even in Calcasieu Parish. Thanks to collaborative efforts with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, such as "Be a Buddy not a Bully", an anti-bullying walk hosted in 2018, provided insightful tips for parents, students and teens. CPSB and other local schools have also furthered this initiative by including anti-bullying programming for students and victims.

I take a moment to highlight this movie and the many other films and tv shows that have spent time to examine teens in a careful and close examination. "Secret Life of the American Teenager"; "The Fosters", "Thirteen Reasons Why", all television programming that have focused on teenage drama as more than just "drama".

As a reminder to parents and this reading this blog; children and teens in 2019 are faced with a vast array of issues that many adults and parents never faced. Teens today are challenged to not just attend school but to combat the rigors of life in general. If you know a parent, teen or child facing distress in school or home, remember your local resources and partners, such as: EAP Solutions; Family and Youth Counseling and even the Office of Juvenile Justice Services all located within Calcasieu Parish.

For more information on any of these available resources or for legal assistance with a juvenile or childrens legal issue, call HOLMES LA LAW, LLC.

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