Dads in Distress AKA "Child Support Blues"

Does this sound familiar? You and the mother of your child have attempted to co-parent, but then-an argument erupts and communication between you and she terminates. You call mom asking for a visit with our son/daughter--with no reply by phone call or text message?

A few weeks pass with this behavior continuing, and no response from mom. Then, one day out of the blue a Deputy Sheriff knocks on your door with a "Petition for Child Support/Paternity".

The following likely occurs:

  1. You begin seeing nothing but red
  2. You immediately think, "How could she do this?"
  3. Think, "I take care of my kids"
  4. "I do not even get to see my kids and she is asking for money?

Your next response should be, "take a deep breath" and then, call HOLMES LA LAW, LLC.

Child Support suits are not necessarily a means for the CP (custodial parent) to simply seek vengeance against the NCP (non-custodial parent). The State of Louisiana provides relief for the recovery of any monetary obligations if a CP is receiving State Aid--in the form of TANF, Food Stamps or even Medicaid. As such, when the CP begins an application for these services, the next step for reconvention to get the lost money is to seek a judgment of support against one or both parents.

HOLMES LA LAW, LLC. has an experienced team of litigators who will guide you through the process of establishing paternity; setting child support and if necessary obtaining a custody order.

Do not be a victim!

Be a proactive Father and seek the relief that you and your children deserve. Let HOLMES LA LAW, LLC. help you get out of Child Support Blues and relief from your distress. Call or email our office for a consultation to learn more!

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“Words cannot express my gratefulness to Holmes LA Law. Thank you for believing in my grandson.”
– Past Client

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